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With over 60 years of experience in flat glass manufacturing in the country, PFGMI produces quality flat glass such as Clear Float and Tinted Float.

Pioneer Float Glass Manufacturing Inc. (PFGMI) is the premier flat glass manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

Established in 1958 as Republic Glass Corporation, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company (AGC) of Japan in 2001 and adapted the name AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. (AGPH). In 2018, TQMP Glass Manufacturing Corp. acquired 100% of the AGPH shares thus becoming the torch bearer for the flat glass industry in the Philippines.

The company also supplies various types of glass for construction including, Coated Glass (Reflective and Low E), Mirror, Patterned Glass, Processed Glass (Flat Tempered, Curved Tempered, Laminated, Insulating Glass Units) and other products which can be made available through worldwide affiliates.

PFGMI aims to serve all customers needs with the highest quality architectural and industrial flat glass as our impeccably high standards of production has been acknowledged by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines and Sirim QAS International for the Malaysia.

Overall, PFGMI provides the proper tools for its employees, the people at the heart of its reputation for technology, quality and timely delivery. The company aims to make the total experience of production, supply and delivery of its products, a positive one for all segments of the supply chain. It continues to grow to meet this challenge by investing in technology, global resources and maintain a global network of glass production and processing facilities.

Pioneer Float Glass Manufacturing, Inc. (formerly, AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc.) ("PFGMI") is mandated, to the extent practicable and subject to a fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory manner of doing business, to set prices and provide services to its customers, and to maintain a non-discriminatory practice in the processing of purchase orders and delivery of products and services. It may not refuse to sell its products or services to glass distributors on less favorable terms than similarly situated customers because i.) such person is a competitor of PFGMl's customer which is a related company or ii.) such person is purchasing products or services from the competitors of PFGMI.

In accordance with Section 15 (e)(1) of the Philippine Competition Act (Republic Act No. 10667) ("PCA"), which provides that:

SEC. 15. Abuse of Dominant Position. - It shall be prohibited for one or more entities to abuse their dominant position by engaging in conduct that would substantially prevent, restrict or lessen competition:


(e) Imposing restrictions on the lease or contract for sale or trade of goods or services concerning where, to whom, or in what forms goods or services may be sold or traded, such as fixing prices, giving preferential discounts or rebate upon such price, or imposing conditions not to deal with competing entities, where the object or effect of the restrictions is to prevent, restrict or lessen competition substantially: Provided, That nothing contained in this Act shall prohibit or render unlawful:

(1) Permissible franchising, licensing, exclusive merchandising or exclusive distributorship agreements such as those which give each party the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement;


PFGMI shall not be prevented from enforcing the terms of valid supply/distributorship agreements by unilateral termination thereof in case of breach by the customer.

The foregoing is also without prejudice to Section 14(c) of the PCA which allows agreements which contribute to improving the production or distribution of goods and services or to promoting technical or economic progress, while allowing consumers a fair share of the resulting benefits

Any violation by PFGMI of these conditions or of the PCA may be reported to the Philippine Competition Commission through its telephone number at 7719-PCC (7719-722) or through its email

Corporate Mission

Pioneer Float Glass Manufacturing, Inc. strives to be the Best Company in our field of Operations by continuosly producing flat glass products that are of world class quality, safe and environment-friendly.

Corporate Vision

Aspiring to glaze the world with every glass made with endless Possibilities.

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